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For after hours information; please call:
616-581-6123 or 231-645-6727
Fax: 866-781-1361

Mailing Address
PO Box 248
656 R.W. Harris
Manton, MI 49663​
616-581-6123 or 231-645-6727

*Once your property is accepted, we will require your Approval letter and earnest deposit.  Once our offer to purchase the property is accepted, we will require your signed agreement and remodel plan.
Have you found the perfect home, but it needs TCL for a bank loan?  Submit your request with property address and we will consider purchasing the property, doing the required improvments and selling it to you in "move-in" condition.

Items Needed:
Approval Letter from your Bank/Mortgage Lender
$1,000 Earnest Deposit
Signed Agreement based on final project
Your Name:

Your Email Number:

Your Phone Address:

Proposed Property Address:

Listing Office: